Kitchen Remodelling And Renovations: The Hottest Trends In Australia This Year

Beautiful Grey Kitchen

When you are spending months indoors, it’s only natural to consider refreshing renovations and remodelling ideas for the entire home and not just the kitchen. The kitchen should, nonetheless, be a great starting point, as it allows to add both aesthetic changes as well as functional changes to the interior of any home. Let’s get started on that by taking a few cues from the most popular kitchen remodelling trends of 2020 next.

Black, White & Brick

Black and white never ran out of style in minimalist kitchens, but this year, the two are going to come together in a contemporary kitchen, thanks to a hefty dose of old country design. Execution of the theme is highly variable in its possibilities, as it should be to keep any design from becoming too boring or commonplace. Nevertheless, the key attributes which define the décor idea this year can be highlighted as follows.

  • White, off-white or cream (anyone) should dominate the kitchen as the primary colour.
  • From countertops and drawers to the ceiling itself should be draped in the same shade.
  • Bright-coloured brick walls (real or cosmetic) can add a country kitchen vibe to the décor, while simultaneously providing a mild break from the white.
  • Black would take over as the second most dominant colour in the foreground but should remain limited to protruding cabinets, racks, taps, light fixtures, etc.
  • The floor could sport complementing bricks of a darker shade than those on the walls, or the interior decorator may advise industrial finishing on a hardwood floor.

If you like the whole mix of contemporary, industrial and country theme in this trending kitchen remodelling idea, then you will need the help of experienced professionals to pull it off in your kitchen. Customise the idea or any of the others on this list with the renovation experts at Kitchen Capital. One of the premier names in Perth for kitchen renovations, Kitchen Capital, can follow any recent or past trend in kitchen remodelling that you may have in mind. Their designers will work to customise those renovation ideas that appeal to you so that they can be accommodated in your kitchen for the most visually pleasing and practical implementation.

The Beach Style Galley (Open Kitchen)

Open kitchens and beach houses have a timeless connection, which is why the beach style galley is perfect for lavish villas, in particular. Nevertheless, the design isn’t just limited to beach homes anymore in 2020. With a few modifications, as and when necessary, the following trendy ideas could give your kitchen an unconventional and exceptionally bright look, irrespective of the location.{text-align:center}.tdi_67_9b5 .td-element-style{z-index:-1}{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}@media (max-width:767px){{text-align:center}}

  • The principle colour is going to be bright white, and that should be prominent in both background and foreground.
  • The ceiling and walls should share the same shade of bright white.
  • Maplewood furniture and flooring provides a bit of contrast to the dominant, bright white hues.
  • Black has no place in this design, but metallic grey kitchen appliances should be complemented by touches of grey in utensils, bowls, taps, etc.
  • Avoid sharp edges, but prefer defined lines instead and go with an under-mount sink.

As you might have guessed, it’s a theme to lift moods and keep everyone in high spirits, whether they can enjoy the beach just yet or not. The lack of contrast is intentional in the kitchen décor since the hues are meant to energise.

Black & White In Luxury

Black and white are inarguably one of the most common themes we see every year in kitchen renovations, albeit in different versions and with wild modifications. However, the two extremes are generally suitable for a modest, elegant design, which is why minimalist themes are common when a kitchen intentionally avoids vivid colours. This year, black and white could be given a new perspective by replacing the minimalist theme with a luxurious kitchen remodelling instead.

  • A more subdued off-white colour is ideal as the background, with matte black dominating the foreground.
  • Hanging light fixtures, stools, tables, cabinets, sofas, couches, drawers, the kitchen countertop and the island should all be black.
  • The walls and the ceiling should have separate shades of off-white on them, with the ceiling sporting the comparatively brighter shade.
  • Lighting needs to be perfect in this kitchen, as the presence of black will absorb a good amount of it.
  • To make it look and feel more lavish, add touches of red with cushions, utensils and a textured cedar or bloodwood flooring.

Alternatively, you can choose to skip the white wall and select red, textured bricks instead. In case you don’t want to lose the prime black and white theme here, consider walls with off-white and grey bricks instead.

As a piece of warning, we would suggest only choosing this idea if you have sufficiently large windows to light things up during the day, and you are fond of dark décor in general. Additionally, this is a theme that can only work in large kitchen areas and will not be viable for small – medium-sized kitchens. The primary problem with small areas and dark décor are that It will make everything look gloomy and even smaller than the kitchen area is. Most people are fond of light, jovial kitchens, and for that, check out any of the other ideas trending right now.

Adding Colour to Your Kitchen: Indigo Themed Minimalism

The minimalist appeal is universal, so if you don’t already have a minimalist theme going in your kitchen, it might be time to consider the latest trend, which adds some much-needed colour to the theme. Although Indigo is not the brightest colour on the spectrum, it has a calming effect, and the fact that it isn’t loud goes perfectly with the overall minimalist idea we are discussing. Let’s take a look through some of the principles behind bringing the minimalist kitchen alive with humble shades of Indigo.

  • Only different shades of Indigo, metallic grey and off-white will be used in this kitchen remodelling project.
  • No single colour will be allowed total dominance, but Indigo should have an edge due to its comparative brightness.
  • Shades of light/metallic grey will be limited to the furniture, light fixtures, the sink, taps, cabinet/drawer handles, utensils and kitchen appliances.
  • Off-white shades will cover the ceiling, walls, window frames, the countertop and the island top.
  • Being a minimalist décor idea, the trend requires at least one of the walls to double as storage space, and the island should have ample storage in it as well.
  • There will be no protruding cabinets or drawers in this design, but all dual-function storage spaces will be prominently Indigo with grey handles.

Quartz is the usual choice of material here for kitchen and island tops, as it allows a beautiful blend of off-white and grey in its design. However, granite could be a replacement option since it offers wider flexibility in terms of colour and design choice.

These are some of the hottest kitchen renovation and remodelling trends for sure, and you can’t go wrong by keeping it simple and following any of the trends to the letter. Nevertheless, it is advisable to customise the themes a bit so that it appeals to your taste more and suits your home’s particular needs better.