Bedroom Tips & Hacks To Design A Small Room

You might think that having a small room means you have to compromise on style and design. But this isn’t the case at all. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can have just as cool of a bedroom as someone with a huge one. It’s all about how you utilise the space that you have and being clever with your furnishings. Here are some brilliant hacks you can try that will help you design your room.

Change Your Bed

Finding creative ways to make the most of a multi-use area and fill a small space means finding the best mattress for the job. Take a look at your mattress and see how it could be improved. It could be more beneficial if it was bigger or if it was actually raised up higher. Elevating your bed can be an amazing way to create more space as it gives you extra storage and gives the feeling of a taller room without much effort at all.

Reorganise Your Things

If you have a small room, you should make sure it’s as clutter-free as possible. Smaller spaces thrive on clean, simplistic designs and your possessions should also reflect that. Don’t allow things to pile up on shelves and try to keep everything off the floor wherever you can. This helps to make the room feel more spacious as there isn’t anything crowding your view.

Innovative Storage

Storage can be hard when you’ve got a tiny bedroom, but it can be done if you’re smart about it. Lots of furniture companies have innovative designs now that help you utilise your space as much as you can without taking up loads of room. For example, you could go for under bed storage so that everything is hidden away. Steer away from chunky, cumbersome storage pieces as they’ll only close the room off.

Floating Furniture

Furniture can be difficult to source for small rooms as most of the time, bedroom furniture is pretty large. However, floating furniture is your new best friend. You might have already seen floating shelves, and these can be perfect for storing your little trinkets. But you can also get floating chairs that are fixed to your walls, and they fold up on themselves, so they don’t take up space when they’re not being used. You can even get floating bedside tables that allow you to have a cute finish to the room without taking up what little space you have.

Draw The Eyes Up

A top trick when making a small room feel bigger is to raise the ceiling…not literally though. Things like painting your ceiling or hanging long, vertical pieces of art can help draw the eyes upward. Try hanging your curtain rails up slightly higher than you normally would as this will make the windows appear larger and it helps the above space feel roomier. This also stops you from feeling like the room is closed off as the ceiling seems higher and you won’t notice how small it actually is.

Hang Things Up

As well as making use of your ceiling, you should try to hang things up as much as possible. The tip to creating a bigger room when space is limited is to keep everything off the floor to give you back a bit of extra room. Wardrobes can be useful, but they really close off a room, so why not go for clothing rails on their own instead. This will create a light, airy feeling in your room and also makes use of innovative storage. You could fit rails to the back of your door to allow you to hang clothes or bags up too. Storing clothes doesn’t have to take up your entire room if you go for the right kind of storage. Another great hack is to hang your lamps instead of placing them on the sides of desks or tables. You can find small hanging lamps that don’t take much effort to fit. So you’ll not only bring more light to the room, but you’ll also really open it up.

Illusion Of Space

Having a small room means you need to create the illusion of space and a unique way to do this is by having lots of mirrors. You could even go as far as having a mirror wall, where you have an entire wall that’s top to bottom covered in reflective material. Mirrors reflect light and having them placed in your small room will help to make it feel larger than it really is. If you aren’t a fan of mirrors, you could try having an accent wall instead. Vertical stripes are a smart choice for an accent wall as you’ll make the room feel spacious and you’ll draw the eyes upward too. If you don’t like accent walls, you could even paint all your walls the same colour. Having the walls look the same can confuse the eyes and make it appear bigger, so don’t be afraid of committing to just one colour only.

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t have everything you need and more, you just need to go for innovative ideas that make the most of what you’ve got. If you’re thinking of renovating your room, try incorporating some of these tips and hacks above, and your room will definitely feel a whole lot bigger instantly.