How To Save Money When Buying A Kitchen — Designer Advice

Kitchen Cabinets

Often naive buyers try to guess on “trifles”: baskets, dampers, organizers, tilt and slide structures – assuming that all this is not so important. Or that all this can be purchased later. But the facades are ordered with a scale – but how else: they are the face of the kitchen, solidity, and prestige. In practice, it turns out to be the opposite: after a couple of months, the nuances of the kitchen cabinets’ appearance stop caring about the owners. But the slamming doors, inconveniently located shelves, and canned knives and corkscrews in drawers are irritating time after time. So, the main rule when designing a budget kitchen is to save on pathos, rather than on convenience and functionality. How exactly? That’s what we’ll talk about.

For Facade — Simple Forms

If you want a cheaper kitchen, choose modern laconic models: simple straight lines, exemplary functionality, nothing extra. A classic – with fillets, carved skirting boards, and other curls – will cost much more than furniture without additional decor.

No Money For Wood — Buy A Quality Imitation

If minimalism is not your favorite style, and you want something cozy and traditional, try to save on the material of facades. It is worth giving up natural wood in favor of chipboard or MDF at, covered with natural veneer or even film, and your kitchen will be significantly cheaper than the one with wooden facades.

MDF in veneer cladding is the most durable material of all imitation wood. You can’t tell the difference between it and an array of wood! Laminated chipboard is a less refined variant, but cheaper as well. In general, look for a balance between quality and price.{text-align:center}.tdi_67_866 .td-element-style{z-index:-1}{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}@media (max-width:767px){{text-align:center}}

Long Live The “Deaf” Facades

Cabinets glazing – an option without which you can easily do without. Yes, the glass inserts look exquisite and make the whole kitchen construction lighter, but they significantly increase the prices for kitchen headsets. There are other ways to add lightness and airiness to the interior. For example, you can order deaf facades in white (or any other light) tone. Light gloss and backlighting will also add lightness.

Standard Furniture Of Standard Configuration

Not ready to overpay – give up smooth lines and radial facades in your kitchen. Any curves imply a technologically complex process and, as a result, a high price. Straight lines and corners can also look elegant and modern, and on functionality and ergonomics, undoubtedly, give a forum for streamlined models.

The same concerns the standard and non-standard width of lockers. Any specification (cutting, making furniture exactly in the size of the kitchen) allows you to dispose of available space rationally, but, at the same time, and greatly increases the price of the finished headset. If possible, component the kitchen from standard modules – order the minimum possible number of lockers “for individual size.

Kitchen “Without Top”

You can go even further and do without any wall-mounted structures. This approach to kitchen furnishing is quite popular recently and is actively used by interior designers. The kitchen without top cabinets looks lighter, lighter, and more spacious, and also fits perfectly into an open plan.

Less furniture was ordered – less was paid: everything is obvious!