5 Tips Of Ensuring Quality Water For Everyone

High Quality Drinking Water

In your home or business, you want the highest quality of water possible. Good quality drinking water is proven to be linked with good health, not to mention that it keeps everything else that uses water in proper maintenance, too. To get that high quality of water, though, there are a few things you should be sure to do. Besides using a good water filter, such as Berkey water filters, you can also do regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your water in good standing.

  1. Wash All Your Water Containers Often

You can have great water coming out of the faucets, but it won’t do you any good if you put it in dirty containers. These containers could be anything from water coolers and bottles to buckets and tubs. Chances are, if you use it to hold water, it will get grimy with time. To clean these items, you can scrub it with something as simple as dish detergent or something more abrasive for built-up lime stains, such as chlorine bleach.

If you own a company, you can give your employees a branded water bottle. Connor Garrett, from SnackNation, has put together a collection of customizable water bottles with which you can highlight your company’s brand in the office.

  1. Check Your Water Systems

If you use a water softener or water heater, you should check each at least once a month. Make sure no build-up is forming clogs inside the systems, and everything is performing correctly. Also, you should check the salt levels for water softeners and always add more salt if the tank falls below half full.

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  1. Conserve Your Water Usage

The less water you run through, the less strain will be put on everything that uses your water, in turn giving you a better chance to clean things before they get too dirty as well as keep your pipes and systems clog-free. There are nearly countless ways you can choose to conserve your water usage, from fixing leaky faucets to replacing old appliances with newer, energy-efficient ones. There are some water conversation tips for home and business owners, and they all can be effortless to implement.

  1. Have Your Water Quality Inspected

Sometimes you may not even know what contaminants could be in your water, whether it is filtered or not. If you get your water from a public source, it has likely already been inspected by the government before it enters your home, but you can still have it checked to ensure nothing is at fault in your pipes. If you get your water from a personal well, it is an even better idea to have your water quality tested, and if something is wrong in your good system, a new one could be drilled. Or, for both public and private water systems, stronger filtration systems can be installed to get your water up to the quality you want.

  1. Clean Your Water Filters

Lastly, if you have a great water filter, keep it working by cleaning it regularly. You can often do this just with a quick rinse and scrub, but you should also replace the filter if it’s due for a change or is too dirty to clean.

High-quality water is necessary for everyone to live better, and you can get it yourself with just a few easy steps, whether you own a home, a business, or both.