Reasons Why People Obsess About Getting A Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed fits perfectly in today’s styles of space efficiency and workable trends since it is respectively stylish and practical. It was named after its founder, William Murphy – a man who was very keen on making the most out of his single-room apartment. So, he designed a bed wherein he can easily fold neatly in a closet. William Murphy founded the Murphy Wall Bed Company, and then he patented his very own bed design in the 1900s. There were already fold up beds available during this era, but William Murphy was the first one to introduce a model that can pivot and counterbalance a bed.

The concept of creating a bed like that was to provide more space in the tiny room. It is designed to be a wall bed or fold away bed. If need be, a Murphy bed can stay open throughout the day and night. Or, if it is not in use, you could even opt to hoist it and fold it up to its own set wall space. Alternatively, when not being used, you can also use whatever cabinet doors available in the place to conceal it out of view. Such doors can be those swinging out or those that slides to either side. Whatever design you choose, the Murphy bed is designed to take up less floor area.

Why Choose A Murphy Bed

Why Choose A Murphy Bed

Murphy bed is an appropriate choice, particularly if you do not have enough room floor space. The primary purpose of Murphy beds is to be able to accommodate a bigger bed in a relatively small area that, when not being used, would not usually fit a bed larger than a twin. The bedroom may just be the right size for fitting a dresser and a bed, but there is little or no extra space to move freely around. In this case, when you have a Murphy bed, you can quickly hoist up the bed and give you quick access to dressers, closet, or any other areas of the bedroom when the bed is not in use. Or maybe, you only got a single-room, loft, or studio apartment. With such room area constraints, you might want to take into consideration getting a Murphy bed to save some floor space.

You could have more room with these beds, and then use it for other activities that you love. If you want a guest bed or have a studio apartment, Murphy beds are regarded as the best pick. They enable you to regain all the space that a traditional bed would otherwise take up during your waking hours. The opportunity to reconfigure and provide space to cover the bed would be the most apparent and essential advantages of spending in a Murphy bed. You will make full use of your floor with this type of bed.{text-align:center}.tdi_67_337 .td-element-style{z-index:-1}{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}@media (max-width:767px){{text-align:center}}

Furthermore, Murphy beds have significantly evolved their designs over the decades. Developments have been made, and line of these foldable beds nowadays has been more versatile than ever before. A lot of such beds now feature wall-mounting systems, which are incredibly useful because the walls do not have to be drastically altered. It guarantees no or minimal damage to the walls and enables you to transfer your Murphy bed easily.

What is more, there are now commercially available Murphy beds that have library shelvings, that could elegantly and entirely change the feel of a room. These beds also have a spring-balanced mechanism that ensures the bed can be conveniently lowered or raised by a single person. You can have a queen size automatic Murphy bed, and only fold it with just a press of a button press.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Murphy Beds


Provides more space:

Provides More Space

The most significant advantage of Murphy bed is that in the daytime, where you do not need to use it, you can conveniently fold down from the wall. You can use the area for any other activity throughout the day, and space can be transformed into a bedroom during night time.



One more significant benefit of Murphy beds is that it is economical and convenient for your budget. This implies that you could have a bed for the night, without compromising the daytime space needed for your room, all at a cheap and affordable amount. The Murphy beds often prove less expensive than the usual ones.

Fully Customizable:

Fully Customizable

You could choose to customize your Murphy bed depending on how you want it to be stowed away and to fit your needs.


It Is Not As Comfortable As Regular Beds:

It Is Not As Comfortable As Regular Beds

Murphy beds can be comfortable. However, there are other designs of Murphy beds that you might just have to compromise your comfort. The reason is that the other design of the Murphy beds uses wire mesh rather than box springs. These beds cannot be as comfortable or durable as compared with the standard beds.

Not Really Aesthetically Pleasing To The Eyes:

Not Really Aesthetically Pleasing To The Eyes

Although Murphy beds do not have headboards, footboards, or bed rails, they do not have any decorative scope. And if you are an aesthetic lover, you might consider Murphy bed a wrong choice for you.

It Can Be A Tedious Task:

It Can Be A Tedious Task

For some users, folding up a considerably big bed every single day could be a tedious task. Because your room has a limited area, then you have to fold the bed every morning when you wake up. To some people like older people or young girls, it may get tedious about this task. In this case, you might have to think wisely before deciding to have a Murphy bed in your home.


To sum it all up: when you are trying to make space for an office, to do yoga, or an art studio or a craft room, but you still need a place to sleep, Murphy beds are a great option. Just like with any other stuff you buy, there will always be upsides and drawbacks, so before purchasing one, you should also consider your needs, budget, and comfortability for a night of good night sleep.