What Should You Use To Clean Your Windows After A Window Replacement?

Worried about making your home or even your office brighter? Well, you can do window replacement for the older windows. However, though that will bring a significant change, you need to clean them regularly to keep those windows shining.

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And when it comes to an understanding of how to clean your windows, WindowTech Windows and Doors got your back. Let’s plunge in and learn more about everything concerning window cleaning. Click here to see more. Here are things to use:

  1. Newspapers

I am sure you might not believe it. Just imagine, the newspaper you have been dumping after reading is part of your solution today. From the expert’s perspective, take that old newspaper, roll it into a ball shape, hold it firmly, and wipe your windows. What can you see now? In fact, you will realize that it is much more effective compared to a towel and can give your replacement windows after windows replace a constant new look.

  1. Vinegar

Apparently, this method is old and might not serve your expectations since it will only clean your replacement windows shiny but fail to kill any existing germs. It is well known from before by generations. This method is applicable in windows and on surfaces such as glass tables and in the grouting. Generally, there is a lot of wisdom and creativity applied in these old window cleaning methods. Just note that they don’t kill germs, but they are very effective in cleaning.

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  1. Soap And Water

Do you need homemade cleaning solutions for your replacement windows after window replacement? Just ditch your vinegar and think of pure soap and water only. Well, try it in a good ratio of the mixture, and you will guarantee your windows some better results.

  1. Jeweler’s Rouge

I bet you are not only concerned about making your windows shiny but also softening the scratched, right? Don’t even think of replacing the scratched window panes; we have a cheaper and un-doubtful solution for you here. Just imagine, by using jeweler’s rouge added to some old grease can serve your purpose. It is this simple. Attach wet rouge to a soft piece of cloth, repeatedly rub it over the scratches until you cannot rub anymore. Ultimately, you will realize the scratches disappear.

As a homeowner, you are at liberty to choose your method of cleaning windows. Fortunately, we are providing a list of the best equipment you might require to make your windows shiny as well as streak-free. Here are some.

  1. Bosch Glass Vac Cordless Window

In case you are a homeowner, and you would like to enjoy streak-free windows, either inside or outside, consider this machine. It removes spillages through the electric suction process. Please give it a trial, and your replacement windows will thank you.

  1. Windolene 4 Action Window Cleaner Spray

Trust me, here is your optimum solution for dirty window panes. It is a powerful spray that is scientifically made to easily clean smeared window panes, vehicle windscreens, and other glass surfaces. To make good use of it, spray on a piece of cloth and gently wipe the surface until it is shiny.

  1. Dock Pole Telescopic Window Cleaner

A wonderful solution for your upper dirty window is already here with us. If you have some upper or highly-placed windows, think of this object always. It is attached to a 24 –foot long pole, with a rotating tip to reach the highest window panes. Luckily enough, besides, it is always a three streak-free squeegee blade for ease and maximum cleaning.

  1. Clean and Gleam Glass Window Cleaning and Polishing Cloth

Who is not proud of good things? Just get yourself a nice decent pair of window cleaning cloth from Lakeland. Its uniqueness is only realized when using. You can use it to wipe window panes, mirrors, and any other glass surfaces. It perfectly removes the light grease, smears, or dirt from such surfaces.