Spring Cleaning Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget to Do

After three months of cold, miserable winter weather in some parts of the United States, many homeowners embrace the changing of the seasons. Spring is traditionally the time of year when people haul out their cleaning products and get stuck into cleaning chores to set them up for the warmer month ahead.

However, with so much to do, it’s easy for some tasks to fall by the wayside. Even if you can’t make time for everything, these jobs below should be at the top of your to-do list.

Service Your HVAC Units

After spending much of winter heating your home, requesting an air conditioning service from firms like alliedexperts.com can be crucial. AC repair specialists can perform any necessary repairs and even set you up on a maintenance schedule to keep your HVAC unit in great shape.

Sometimes, it’s after relying on it for heating for several months that you also realize it’s not fit for your needs or property size. This may be evident by a high energy bill. If that’s something you’ve noticed, spring might be an excellent time to start looking at your replacement options to potentially save money in the future.

Test Smoke Detector Batteries

One of the most important additions to your home, yet one that’s sometimes overlooked, is smoke detectors. They alert you to the presence of a fire and have the potential to save lives.

As the seasons change, take a moment to test all smoke detectors in your home. If any are no longer working or their batteries are flat, replace them. At this time, also consider whether you have enough smoke detectors for the size of your home. There should be one inside each bedroom, in the basement, on each level, and outside each sleeping area.

Clean Drapes

Your drapes or curtains may look clean, but that doesn’t mean they are. They can contain hidden dirt and allergens that may affect your health and the health of others in your home.

Spring can be the perfect time to clean drapes and remove any built-up dirt and allergens. Cleaning drapes may also extend their lifespan, remove bad odors from your home, and get rid of pet hair and dander.

Dust Light Fixtures

You might already dust surfaces you can see, but spring is the ideal time to dust surfaces you can’t see. Light fixtures, in particular, can collect dust at a rapid rate, including the bulbs.

Using a duster, go from room to room and clean all the dust off the light fixtures. By doing so, you may even notice a difference in how well-lit each room is.

Clean Appliances

Dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers, all have very important jobs to do. We rely on them to make our lives easier, but that doesn’t mean they don’t depend on us to keep them in working order.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take time to clean out your appliances thoroughly. Not only can they look better after being cleaned, but they may also function better.

Spring cleaning is something many homeowners look forward to since it marks the beginning of the warmer weather. As you start writing your chores list, consider putting these tasks above at the very top of your list. It may surprise you just how important they can be.