5 Tips For Creating The Ultimate Outdoor Dining Space

When it comes to entertaining friends, family or simply having a family dinner, there isn’t much that can compare to enjoying a meal outdoors. The beautiful sounds of nature and the fresh open air help to create an atmosphere that just can’t be replicated indoors. Whether you’re throwing a party or enjoying some family time there are a few tips you should keep in mind when you’re designing your ultimate outdoor space. To get the most out of your outdoor space, try these 5 tips next time you host.

1.     Build it in

There are few things more impressive about an outdoor dining space than having a built-in kitchen and cooker. Having all the necessary equipment and appliances at your disposal means there are no trips in and out of the house, and you can do all of your jobs right there in your entertaining space. An inbuilt BBQ means you don’t need to worry about leaving the group to go cook the food, the cooktop is right there next to the table. Creating a purpose-built outdoor kitchen will transform your outdoor entertaining space and have guests coming back for more. Not only will it impress guests, but it also makes the whole process of throwing a dinner party much smoother for you as well.

2.   Lighting

Lighting may not seem like the most important element to an outdoor dining space, but it can make or break any meal area, especially for a dinner party. The last thing you want is to have everyone have to come back inside because it’s too dark. To create the ultimate outdoor dining space, make sure you hardwire in some lighting. A spotlight is effective, but can also be blindingly bright. Look for warm festoon lighting, but be sure to get a higher wattage on the bulbs so they can light up any space no matter how dark. Lighting will mean you can entertain no matter what time of day or night.

3.    Plumb it in

When it comes to having anyone over for dinner, there is one guarantee, dishes. To create the ultimate outdoor dining space, you’ll want to plumb in running water with a sink. One of the worst parts about entertaining outdoors is having to lug all the dishes inside. With an outdoor water source and sink, you can take care of those dishes in your outdoor space. If you’ve opted for tip 1 and created an outdoor kitchen, you’ll hopefully have some storage capacity as well, meaning those dishes can be exclusively for the outdoor kitchen. This tip may take some time to install, but it’s totally worth it for an ultimate outdoor dining experience.

4.   Sound systems

Having people over for dinner or celebrating a special occasion often comes with the added social ritual of music and even dancing. To create the ultimate outdoor dining area, try installing a sound system to add to the ambience or celebrations. Having speakers wired in and an option for a Bluetooth or AUX connection means both the guests and you can be DJs for periods of the night. Sound systems can really add to the feel of outdoor space and come in handy no matter what the occasion. Don’t opt for a Bluetooth speaker in the middle of the table that can run our battery or only make one section of the dinner very noisy. A sound system will create even sound and allow for central control of the volume as the night progresses.

5.    Make it private

Outdoor dining spaces are usually what they say on the tin, they are outside. Whether it’s in your backyard or front yard, the one thing you’ll want to do to create the ultimate outdoor space is create some privacy. Neighbours or even just passers-by don’t need to be privy to the conversations or entrees you’re having. Try installing privacy blinds around the dining space that are retractable. Retractable privacy screens allow you to choose whether you want to keep things private or open things up. Privacy screens are also great for protecting against the sun or weather that may cause damage or disrupt your dinner. There is no need to screen the entire area, so carefully plan which sections you think need a little added privacy.

An outdoor dining space can really make or break a dinner party. Sitting out in nature enjoying the great company is one of the best ways to enjoy dinner. Having the ultimate outdoor dining space doesn’t have to be difficult or require you to recreate the wheel. There are proven ways to elevate any outdoor space to make it the perfect place to entertain and catch up with friends or family. If you have an outdoor space that needs sprucing up or want to create the ultimate space from scratch, then try these 5 tips and you’ll be enjoying dinner in an incredible space before you know it.