Designing A Patio Perfect For Late-Summer Parties

Fondest summer memories often include parties or celebrations hosted on private patios decked out for fun. When designing your outdoor space for seasonal get-togethers with friends and family members, there are many factors to consider.

Below are some suggestions to consider for creating and decorating the perfect patio for summer, outdoor parties.

Use light for night parties to cast a warm glow over your guests.

There is no shortage of fun ideas to choose from as you consider how best to light up your party. Paper lanterns, firepits, strings of lights, and candles are the top four ideas that come to mind. Few things add more magic to a special event than the flicker of candle light.

Use flowers and plants creatively to celebrate the essence of summer.

Flowers and plants brighten up any occasion adding a splash of color and fragrance to your affair. Nothing says summer like lush greenery.

Be open to new ways to showcase your plants and flowers. For example, displaying flowers in a bird bath as floating blossoms is a novel way to display flowers from your garden.

Another interesting way to punch up your party decor is to mount flower pots on an exterior wall. One advantage of a wall of plants is that you can free up precious floor space on a small patio without missing the chance to showcase your flowers.

Add a firepit as a decorative focal point.

Firepits are popular additions to any outdoor entertainment space. On a warm summer night, you will want to have your seating area spaced a distance from the heat.

You have several options for a firepit based on size and design considerations. There are wood-burning firepits and propane-fueled firepits. Both have their own pros and cons.

It’s no secret that fire brings people together providing an intimate atmosphere where secrets are easily shared and smores are cooked. There is something undeniably primal about our attraction to fire.

Firepits can cost as little as $50 or as much as $6000 or more. There are portable alternatives that make it easy to carry them from one location to another as needed.

Add a cover over your patio to create a cozy outdoor refuge.

Anyone who has listened to the rain bounce off of a metal roof can appreciate the charm of a roof overhead. If you want to let some light in, then a covering with slats is recommended.

A relatively inexpensive option is to buy a vinyl patio cover. In addition to the great price, these covers can last for years and typically require very little maintenance.

Another thrifty cover alternative for your patio is a large umbrella. For summer parties held in the afternoon or early evening, an umbrella offers an excellent way to keep your guests protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Not only is an umbrella a nice pop of color, its practical ability to provide some cover from the sun or an unexpected summer shower is a godsend when the weather is less than perfect.

Set up a beverage station or bar separate from the food.

By setting up the beverage station away from the food, your guests can easily access drinks with ease without worrying about interrupting the food line. There is little doubt that your party will suffer if your guests can’t get to the bar easily.

Much like the coffeemaker at work, your guests are likely to gather around any area designated as the bar. You can use a large metal pail with ice for stocking bottles and cans for a basic solution.

Another creative option for setting up a beverage station is to use a large planter as a cooler. Absolutely anything can be used as a cooler if it has room for ice and drinks.

It’s always a good idea to have extra ice on hand in another cooler located closeby. Be sure to stock your bar with straws, cups, and napkins

Establish a color scheme showcasing three colors for best results.

Select colorful cushions and plants with your three colors of choice in mind. Permanent patio decor such as your chair cushions, flower pots, and rugs should be selected to create a color coordinated space. Consider bold hues to capture the vibrancy of the season.

When it is time to buy the throwaways such as paper napkins, balloons, paper plates, and pom poms, purchase these items with your color scheme in mind, sticking to your three main colors.

Brick patios are perfect makeshift outdoor spaces.

Patios can be designed using attractive bricks as the layout or footprint for your new outdoor space. Considering the many attractive designs available in brick these days, a brick patio can be extremely attractive, often preferable to concrete patios that are common in many neighborhoods.

By adding a bird feeder and some folding chairs, you quickly have a stylish patio for entertaining. Any plot of land can be turned into a patio with a few bricks and some inexpensive outdoor furniture.

Use a privacy fence for a cozy and private gathering.

Some patios are exposed to the prying eyes of neighbors and feel less than private. If you want your summer party to feel more like a discreet, invitation-only affair rather than a neighborhood block party, then a privacy fence is the answer. Not only are these fences decorative and beautiful, they also transform your gathering into an exclusive affair. 


Your summer patio party can be a memorable celebration filled with good food, friends and the charm of the season before the cold winds of winter drive everyone inside. By incorporating a few of the ideas listed above, you are certain to make a positive impression on your guests. Nothing shows you care for others like hosting a special summer party where they can relax and enjoy the flowers, warm temperatures and company of loved ones.