How Are Commercial Chairs More Durable?

Restaurant Chairs

Having robust chairs in your restaurant is important. Your chairs are where your customers will be seated throughout the time they spend in our restaurant. And since these chairs face a lot of use, they are susceptible to wear and tear. Ideally, you want to buy chairs that will last you for a long time. Regular chairs are not cut out for this job. They don’t have the structural strength needed to withstand heavy usage.

Today, we are going to talk about the build quality of commercial chairs. These are the kind of chairs that you want in your restaurant’s seating area. They are tougher and more reliable, as well. If you put a commercial chair and a regular chair side-by-side, you might not see much of a difference between the two. While both can look good aesthetically, there’s a major difference in their build quality. A trained eye can easily tell commercial and regular chairs apart. But even an untrained business mind can immediately tell that a chair that will last for longer will be a sounder investment.

After going through our article, you will have a better understanding of how chairs work. You will also be able to pick the right restaurant chairs for your establishment.

How Are Chairs Made?

The basic principle of chair making remains the same no matter what kind of chair you make. For a chair to be decent, it needs to provide a comfortable and durable seating option. A chair consists of a handful of components that are attached. There’s the seat on which you actually sit down. A good seat needs to be leveled and shaped to provide the most comfort to the person sitting on it.{text-align:center}.tdi_67_cb3 .td-element-style{z-index:-1}{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}@media (max-width:767px){{text-align:center}}

On the back of the seat, we can find the backrest. Chair backrests can be designed in many ways. But their basic purpose is to provide back support to the seat’s occupant. The seat and backrest are both subjected to stress whenever someone sits on a chair.

Underneath the seat, we find the chair’s legs and support structure. The legs and support are responsible for keeping a chair stable.

Commercial Chairs Vs. Regular Chairs

Regular chairs often compromise on durability to focus more on aesthetics and comfort. This isn’t a problem for chairs that will be placed inside someone’s home and will only see a few hours of use in a day.

Dozens of people can use commercial chairs in a single day. This means that they are subjected to far more stress than regular chairs. They are also more susceptible to damage and rough usage since so many different people will use them. Commercial chairs need to prioritize durability over comfort and looks. They are made following certain standards to ensure that they are capable of lasting in heavy use environments.

For a chair to be robust, two things matter. One, a chair needs to be made using quality materials. Second, it needs to have solid construction. Commercial chair manufacturers tend to use tougher materials to lengthen the long-term lifespan of their furniture. Quality materials will be less likely to get scuffed, scratched, or damaged.

However, good materials aren’t enough. A chair also needs to have solid construction. Otherwise, wear and tear can end up loosening a chair’s joints. The most obvious sign of poor construction quality is when a chair starts creaking. A creaky chair will wobble and eventually collapse when placed under pressure.

As a restaurant owner, the last thing you want is poor-quality chairs. They can make your establishment look bad and can also become safety hazards for your customers. To avoid poor quality chairs, you should familiarize yourself with commercial chair construction standards.

Commercial Chair Construction

Commercial chairs will always have great construction quality. The first thing to spot in a commercial chair is the width of the support parts used in it. Support bars help distribute weight and keep a chair stable. Commercial chairs are fitted with support bars that are at least 1 inch thick and made of solid wood.

L brackets are used a lot in chairs. They are used to hold various parts of a chair and reinforce joints in your furniture. Regular chairs tend to use thin L-brackets that provide minimal reinforcement. Thin L-brackets are prone to get warped over time as they are subjected to stress. Commercial chairs use heavy-duty L-brackets. These are solid pieces of metal that serve the same purpose as regular brackets. But since they have more width, they can provide much better reinforcement.

Apart from L-brackets, wooden supports are also needed in places where there’s more stress. Most chair seats are connected to the rest of the chair with L-brackets and wood corner blocks. These blocks play an important role in weight distribution and overall structural stability. A commercial chair uses solid wood blocks and is held in place with more than just glue. They are usually secured with heavy-duty bolts to make sure they stay in place.

A chair’s seat itself is subjected to plenty of stress as well. To make them last, commercial seats are made of solid wood and have a thickness of at least 0.8 inches. Commercial seats are less prone to warping over the years.


The best restaurant chairs are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Most chairs in your restaurant will be used by dozens of people every day. To make it through this kind of use, these chairs need to be tough. In restaurants, regular furniture does not last since it isn’t durable enough. This is why you need to use commercial grade chairs instead. Commercial chairs are designed to be extra-durable. They are made using quality materials and have solid construction work. This ensures that even after extreme use, they don’t breakdown.