How To Repair A Reinforced Door?

Repair A Reinforced Door

So your reinforced door is not working correctly or facing difficulties in using it? So you need a solution on how to repair a reinforced door? Do not worry. Here in this article, we will show you some problems along with the solution to it.

How To Repair A Reinforced Door

The term Porte blindee in Deutch means a reinforced door in English. It has become trendy these days as a high-security installment for the house. Therefore, repairing the door is very crucial for your house.

If the door gets affected, the whole house becomes protection less. Following some rules, you can easily repair your reinforced door. There are some common tricks and tips for fixing and repairing a reinforced door. The tips include—

Fix The Hinge:

Sometimes you might need to take away the hinge pin of your door. While removing the pin, if it does not move easily, it needs repairing. To repair the hinge pin, you need a hammer.{text-align:center}.tdi_67_ccd .td-element-style{z-index:-1}{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}@media (max-width:767px){{text-align:center}}

You have to press one of your nails against the bottom part of the hinge. Then tap the hinge upward in opposition to your nails using the hammer.

To get perfect control over the door hinge, you can put off the bottom’s hinge pin while lifting. Then during the door’s replacement into the hinge, you can attach the pin of the upper part.

For the lubrication of the hinge pins of a reinforced door, try to avoid oil. Oil might make the pin attaching area and the floor sloppy and pinguid. It is better to use petroleum jelly instead of oil. Petroleum can make your hinge pins smoothly lubricated without sloppiness.

Fixing The Bottom Line

Your reinforced door needs repairing in its bottom line. Because the bottom portion of the doors often makes several scratches on your floor or the threshold. In that case, you can repair it easily without taking the door aside.

For the whole process, you need nothing but sandpaper. Just keep the sandpaper under the bottom line of your door. Then make the door move back and forth several times.

By moving on the surface, it will smoothen the crack parts of your bottom line. You can even use some other stuff like magazines under the sandpaper. It is because the sandpaper can properly touch the door line.

If you need to remove some portions from your reinforced door, you should use a utility knife for better results. If cutting one or two inches from the door, just cut the portion using a sharp knife. Again, To avoid chipping, use a circular saw for finishing.

Fix The Door In The Wall

Before fixing your reinforced door with the wall, droop the latch side of the door backward. This will make the jamb cleaned as the door needs to swag by opening and shutting down.

Door swelling and sticking are major problems that happened with a door. To avoid those problems, try to seal the planed side of the gate with wood. It will protect your door from extending.

How To Repair A Door That Gets Stuck

Just like the windows, reinforced doors often get stuck. There are several reasons behind this. Excessive use and weak construction are major ones. In that case, you have to repair it as early as possible.

For this, you have to close the door at the very beginning. Then carefully observe the binding points to find out the reasons for sticking. You might need to adjust the hinges when you find any gap between the door and its frame.

If there is no gap and you need slamming to close your door, then the problem is with your wood. The door wood might get swollen due to excessive use. The door frame can also be damaged.

For poor hinge repairing, you need to tighten the hinge screws. If the screw hole gets enlarged, take it aside and insert a big size screw.

You can even use toothpicks attaching with glue to fill out the holes. For hinge adjustment, you can use a wedge. It will help to make your door easily closed and opened.

When the door frame gets out of the alignment, door sticking enhances. You can fix it or bind it with the help of cardboard. You can also use a flat of two by four feet in opposition to the door frame.


From the above discussion, now you know what damages your reinforced door might face. You have also learned how to repair the reinforced door. You can follow the instructions and quickly repair your door. But if the damage is heavier, contact a professional worker to repair the door.