6 Best Flowers To You Can Grow For Your Autumn Garden

Autumn is undoubtedly the most beautiful season that humanity was blessed with. Whenever you think about it, you are compelled to think about chilly weather accompanied by delightful sunlight. Autumn always comes along with a big box of nostalgia, which is why you never want to let this season go.

Autumn Garden Flowers

Although crisp falling leaves characterize autumn, there are a lot of lovely flowers that you can grow in your autumn garden, in this season.

Autumn Sedum

Autumn Sedum

The enchanting Autumn Sedum is also called stonecrop. It will sit well in your garden as it gives the area a neat vertical interest. The best part about this plant is that it attracts a lot of butterflies. So, the moment you bring this plant to your autumn garden, you know that you are not just going to have flowers, but also butterflies.

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Along with other fall flowers, autumn Sedan also provides late-season food for various pollinators, as well. Also, if you are willing to place some cut flowers in the house from this plant, don’t think much about it because they will last easily for weeks.



Did you know that chrysanthemums are also called “mums”? As funny as it sounds, it makes pronouncing this lovely plant easier. This plant is the most outstanding one of all autumn plants, without a pinch of doubt. This is mainly because they are inexpensive and hauntingly beautiful at the same time.

Chrysanthemums are available in as many varieties of colors as you might think. They are perennials. Also, they are very sturdy. They can easily take some frost. So, you don’t have to worry all night about your flowers dying out there in the cold. This flower is also a great gift idea for Mother’s day.



As dainty and feminine as marigolds look, they are also one of the toughest autumn flowers out there. However, it shouldn’t be seen as a paradox because women can be strong as well. This is not the 1800s anymore. Anyway, let’s come back to this annual plant, that just won’t let cool nights take it down.

Marigolds start blooming as soon as you plant them. They keep on going until the temperature is literally freezing. This plant will show you so many flowers that you’d have never imagined buying with the money that you paid for one Marigold plant. A cool trick that you can do with this plant is, snap the seed heads off the flowers and dry them. These dried seeds can birth new plants in the spring.

Russian Sage

If you are a fan of the lavender and lilac vibe, this plant is for you. No, we are not asking you to plant lavender and lilacs in your autumn garden. That is straight-up impractical. A good option that you might not have heard about yet is the precious Russian Sage.

It blooms tiny purple flowers along with silvery green leaves and stems. This plant flowers from midsummer till fall, and it is loved by hummingbirds.

False Sunflowers

We are not into fake plants and flowers, but this listing right here is as real as it gets, no matter how deceiving the name is. So, False Sunflowers are named so because they resemble the cheerful sunflowers. However, they are perennial. You will be noticing butterflies and bees flocking up to this plant. This is called the heliopsis.

Shrub Rose

As fussy as people assume them to be, Shrub Roses don’t require a lot of care. They bloom magnificently throughout autumn and provide a nice splash of color to your garden. You must check them for diseases from time to time. Buying the newer types of Shrub Rose will be better as they are disease-resistant.