What You Should Know Before Buying A King Size Bed Sheet

King Size Bed Sheet

If we ask you about the most comfortable place in your home, your answer would undoubtedly be the bedroom. While you can relax in your living room or your porch and lawn, your bed is the most comfortable and peaceful space in your entire house. This is the place where you can go to sleep at night with the assurance that you will wake up safe and relaxed the next morning. To make a bed genuinely comfortable, the type of king size bed sheet is as important as the softness of your mattress.

Bed sheets are very important for creating the perfect ambiance for a sound sleep. However, with the wide variety of types, sizes, and materials available today, it is essential to know more about bed sheets so you can choose the perfect one for you.

Read on below to know more about bedsheets, so the next time you shop for bed covers, you know exactly what you want to buy.

Cotton Is The Most Popular Material For Bed Sheets

There are different varieties and types of cotton. So, you need to understand the different standards and qualities that cotton bed sheets are classified. You will need to check the cotton bed sheet’s weave, thread count, staple length, etc.

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Cotton initially comes in boles (bulk), which is then stretched to create the fibers that are then woven to create threads that eventually turn into sheets. The staple length is determined by the stretch of the boles of cotton.

What Is Staple Length?

Staple length is the length of the cotton fibers that are woven into a sheet. There are three staple lengths normally used:

  1. Short Staple = usually 1 to 1/8 inch
  2. Long Staple = minimum 1 to ¼ inch
  3. Extra-Long Staple = around 1 to 3/8 or 2 inch

High-quality staple length is longer and produces softer and more durable cotton bed sheets.

Different Kinds Of Cotton Staples

These are the most common kinds of cotton staples used:

  • Egyptian CottonEgyptian cotton is considered to be the highest quality cotton used for making bedsheets. It is significantly expensive and is made using an extra-long Egyptian cotton bed sheets are preferred for their remarkable softness and durability.
  • Supima / Pima The American Pima Cotton is also called Supima. It is made from long-staple length cotton fibers. Although it is a little less expensive than Egyptian cotton, it is of high quality and considerably soft. Pima cotton bed sheets are known for their strength and durability.
  • American Upland Most cotton fabrics with a “100% cotton” mark are usually made from the American Upland cotton. This is short-staple cotton and is considerably rough but is also more common than the softer and more expensive variety of cotton in the market. Although this fabric does not provide the level of comfort of the most expensive type of cotton, it is rather chosen for its durability.
  • MicroCotton This is a trademarked brand of cotton and is made exclusively in India. It is not only soft but extremely durable, too, as it is made from long-staple length cotton.

What Is A Weave?

Knowing the staple length is not enough to make a sound decision when buying cotton bed sheets. Knowing the right weave is equally important. The weave determines the softness and the durability of the material, even in lower quality cotton fabric. Knowing the weave helps to select better quality king size bed sheets at a lower cost.

Some of the most commonly used weaves in cotton fabrics include:

  • FlannelThese cotton bed sheets are made from twill or plain weave. This makes them softer and more pliant as compared to other weaves.
  • Percale This is also called ‘Plain weave’ and is most popular for manufacturing high-quality cotton material, which requires combing extensively and then woven tightly, which gives it a noticeably soft and smooth finish. This type of weave is extremely light and is ideal for hot climates as it keeps the body cool underneath it.
  • Sateen This fabric is made by taking four threads over and one under. Although this might not sound important for many people, this technique helps to create a rich, silky finish and is also extremely durable as compared to other types of weave techniques. Sateen weave fabric tends to be heavier and is ideal to stay warm in cold climates.
  • Jersey Knit This weave is made from cotton completely or may even use a blend of cotton and synthetic material. As the name suggests, it is a technique of knitting rather than weaving. This creates a stretchable fabric that is soft and covers the king-size bed completely. This fabric can retain heat and is mostly used to sleep comfortably in cold weather.