Why Do We Need To Recycle Our Mattresses?

Paper and plastic recycling is a common practice for most people today. However, not many people know about recycling something as large as a mattress. In this article, we are going to talk about mattress recycling and other things related to the process.

Why Do We Need To Recycle Our Mattresses?

Why Do We Need To Recycle Our Mattresses

Americans dispose of more than 20 million mattresses every year! This massive amount of waste will add about 800 million cubic feet to the landfills. That will be a lot of springs and foam, especially when this situation is left untreated.

Many cities and states have issues with their landfill space because they receive a lot of mattresses from the citizens, as well as plenty of other items being discarded. Many of these cities are trying to find the best ways to reduce the number of mattresses disposed of in their landfills.

You need to know that landfills are already overflowing with a lot of trash and unwanted products from the users. There is a limited amount of waste that they can hold every day. One of the most common trashes the mattress. Think about it, almost everyone in our country owns a mattress to sleep on, that’s about 300 million mattresses, and the mattress is suggested to be changed out every 7 – 10 years. That’s a steady stream of waste with no end to its insight! Regular mattresses will take a lot of space because each bed will occupy up to 20 – 60 cubic feet.

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Most of these regular mattresses pose problems to the landfills because they are usually made from non-biodegradable materials. Therefore, they will take decades to be composed of the landfill. They also have heavy-duty and large frames that will damage any expensive equipment from the landfill. Some chemicals on these mattresses may also reach out to the surrounding groundwater and soil.

Many city landfills usually charge about $20 – $50 as a fee for the mattress disposal. Non-profit organizations also run some recycling programs because they want to offer social benefits to the local communities.

How Does Mattress Recycling Work?

Mattress Recycling

When you use an organic mattress, you will be able to do a bit more on your part to save the environment. You can reduce the amount of trash by using this type of mattress now. This mattress can be placed in the recycling process and does much more by reducing any negative impacts on the environment. Most materials in this mattress can be repurposed, especially after the bed is deconstructed for about 85 to 90%.

Metal springs and coils are usually melted so that they can be converted into new metals. Organic foams can be shredded and reused again in the moving pads, carpet padding, and also fuel system. The fibers in an organic mattress can be used in the filters, insulation system, and also fuel-burning process. The wood of the mattress is usually chipped for burned for fuel.

Currently, you can find more than 50 mattress recycling facilities that are available in North America. The number of these facilities keeps growing from time to time. You can also visit the International Sleep Products Association website for finding a list of the mattress recycling facilities around you. Many cities in the United States also have their annual mattress recycling days and even community drop-off recycling locations. If you want to recycle your mattress, you can also ask your mattress retailers about any nearby mattress recycling locations around you.

Use The Best Eco-Friendly Mattress In Your Home

Best Eco-Friendly Mattress

One of the most popular eco-friendly mattresses on the market is the Eco-Lux™. This renewable mattress is made from organic materials, including plant-based products, marine, and forestry materials. This is the only BioPreferred mattress that is recommended by the USDA. Several essential parts are available in this product.

Eco-Lux™ has 8 inches of support foam that are specially designed to align your spine and support your back. This foam will help you enjoy your sleeping experience without back pain experience. Another essential part of this mattress is its 100% organic cotton cover. This cotton cover will be suitable for you who have sensitive skin.

Eco-Lux™ mattress also has the Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certification. This certification ensures that there are no dangerous or harmful chemical substances inside this mattress. You quite literally, rest assured that the Eco-Lux™ is a safe fit for you and your family.

The creator of Eco-Lux™ adds an exciting offer for all who are concerned about the environment. The mattress is now even more environmentally friendly! When you purchase this mattress, you are going to donate to the One Tree Planted program from Eco-Lux™. You will take part in maintaining the ecosystem’s sustainability around the environment.