7 Classic Style Touches You Can Add To Any Home

If you are trying to give your home a classical look with some traditional styles, then we have the perfect guide for you. These seven tips should help you give any space a look you are going for.

  1. Classical Decor Is Easy To Achieve

Classical Decor

When it comes to colour, painting and decorating your home in a classical style is very simple to do, and makes any space in your home very stylish. You want to paint walls in light and neutral colours, such as off-white shades, and paint trimmings and woodwork in white to give your spaces a classic look. You can use bold colours, such as rich reds or deep greens, on feature walls like chimney breasts or alcoves. This makes any room bright and airy. Use paintings or pictures to add colour to your walls, but make sure they have a traditional style wooden frame to fit in with the look.

  1. Search For Furniture And Fixtures That Have A Patina

Patina Furniture

Modern furniture and fixtures can often look out of place in a classically styled space, so look for aged furniture that suits your look better.

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Second-hand furniture stores and internet marketplaces are a great place to find amazing deals on old furniture. Facebook Marketplace is often filled with old furniture in excellent condition that people in your area are selling for rock-bottom prices. They often need the furniture moved quickly due to house moves or a change in decor, and you will find some beautifully constructed and designed classic furniture for a lot cheaper than a new flatpack from Ikea.

  1. Give Your Stairway A Grand Look

Grand Staircase

The entrance to your home is very important for first impressions, and giving your stairs a grander look by adding a balustrade or by changing the flooring on the steps can add a massive touch of class to your home’s hallway.

You can find a beautiful and classical balustrade at Majestic Stairs. They are experienced craftspeople who can design, build, and install a custom balustrade in any style for your home. Their service can help you find the perfect solution to your space that suits your style and will give your home a classical and eye-catching feature in a space that often goes unappreciated.

  1. Get The Light Right

Amber Shaded Light Bulbs

The lighting fixtures that you choose and the way they illuminate your spaces will have a huge impact on how people see your home, both in the day and the night.

Your light fittings should complement your classical style, so stay away from modern light fixings and lampshades. It would be best if you also consider using amber shaded light bulbs to give your rooms a more warming and classic shade of light when the lamps and overhead lights are on. When paired with light coloured walls and trimmings, this can give your space a whole new look at night as the warm and rich amber colour bounces off your light-coloured walls.

  1. Choose Flooring And Rugs Carefully

Classic Interior Design

Traditional and classical style flooring options can often be cold and difficult to maintain. Wooden floors are the obvious choice, but these can often make a room chilly and require a lot of regular polishing and daily sweeping.

You can add colour and texture to a space that has hardwood flooring or a tiled floor with the right rugs. Don’t be afraid to go big with a large area rug to add warmth and luxury to a living space. It would be best if you also considered adding long runner rugs to hallways and corridors that are ‘high-traffic’ areas to try and protect your floor and reduce the amount of time you will spend cleaning and polishing.

  1. Bring Some Life To A Space With Plants And Flowers

Classically Decorated Space With Plants And Flowers

Plants and flowers bring colour and texture to any space, regardless of the style, but with the right plant and flowers and their vases and pots, you can add a lot to a classically decorated space.

The light-coloured walls of a classically decorated room are a blank canvas that you can bring colour to with bright coloured flowers and traditionally designed vases. Plants bring life as well as texture to any space. Consider ferns or palms to give a room some interesting pattern and texture. You don’t need green fingers either; plastic plants do the job just as well as the real thing.

  1. Add Simple Accessories To Complete The Look

Old-Style Inkpot And Quill

You can emphasise your classic look by adding some simple accessories and knick-knacks to your space. With some small and low-cost additions, you can complete the look and define the style you are going for. An old-style inkpot and quill can give an old writing desk something extra, for example, and it can be purely decorative; you don’t have to use it. Changing things like doorknobs and drawer pulls can also give your rooms a traditional and classic style, without costing too much money.

Just a few of these top tips would give you a look you want for your home. Don’t forget to choose the right accessories and lighting options to complete the look!