All You Need To Know About The Best Brands And Trends In Interior Design

Interior design is all about style and functionality. What makes a design stand out is its individuality. The new way of life in 2020 has brought out a lot of unique changes in interior design. This year, many interior design trends from the past are being adapted to the new preferences of consumers, and a lot of new trends have also emerged. Here are the top 7 interior design trends for 2020, along with tips for the best interior product sourcing platforms.

  1. Layered Contrasting Décor

Layered Contrasting Décor

One of the most prominent color themes trending in the year 2020 is a contrast with layers. Instead of using matching elements, most designers like using contrasting tones to make a bold statement. Popular brands like Simply Casa create all-white décor ensembles peppered with bright blue or red. The most important thing to remember when using layered contrast is to keep it moderate by using bright colors within classic solid themes and not vice versa.

  1. Home Office

Home Office Interior Design

In response to the pandemic, remote working is a trend that rapidly swept into the interior decoration industry. People now realize the importance of a good workspace within their homes. Even though most people are concerned about the extra space they need to devote to a home office, brands such as Mobi are coming up with creative ideas to make comfortable workspaces in every home.{text-align:center}.tdi_67_940 .td-element-style{z-index:-1}{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}@media (max-width:767px){{text-align:center}}

  1. Off Trend Will Be On Trend

Vintage Interior Designing Trends

Many interior designing trends have been repeated multiple times in the past few years, saturating the market. Interior designers are increasingly choosing unique patterns and designs that stand out. This has driven furniture brands like La Casa to create unique designs in luxury furniture that shows individuality. Consumers want their home to reflect their personality and are no longer afraid to go with unique designs.

  1. Two-Tone Kitchens

Two-Tone Kitchens

The last decade has seen the prevalence of iconic white kitchens with minimalistic and pristine décor. Slowly this has changed to include two tones. Interiors brand Toncelli designs kitchens with bright colors within a white themed kitchen; this is done by including a pop of color on the kitchen island or introducing a theme of color on appliances or décor. A pairing of wooden tones with white or black themes is also a part of this trend.

  1. Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional Spaces

As the world adapts to the concept of remote working or learning, home designs are evolving to include multifunctional spaces. For example, a children’s playroom with a small study table that facilitates remote learning and bunk beds to save space – can include a corner with exercise equipment for home workout. Furniture brands such as Hamuoo offer space-saving aesthetic designs for children’s furniture and playroom accessories.

  1. Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper

Floral patterns tend to bring a cheerful vibe to any home design. Interior designing experts are witnessing an increasing demand to use floral wallpapers with contrasting colors in homes. Choose from a wide range of unique floral designs to decorate your walls from prominent brands such as Wallpaper. In closed spaces such as bathrooms or small entrance spaces, floral wallpaper can bring a wow factor and brighten the atmosphere.

  1. Canopy Beds

Canopy Beds

A classic design for luxurious beds, canopy beds are trending again in 2020. Canopies can produce a cozy and comfortable feel to the bedroom. However, the canopy’s size and material need to be decided carefully according to the size of the room and the available space. Designer furnishing brand Ivano Radaelli offers sleek looking metal frame canopy beds in various sizes for big and small bedrooms.