How To Repair A Microwave Oven That Does Not Heat

Microwave Repair

Your home needs to be comfortable and cozy, but you also want to add more appliances to make it simple and easy for you to do your household chores. One of the most important appliances in the kitchen is the microwave. It is this equipment that helps to save a lot of time on heating food. Many people have already learned how to prepare delicious dishes using this technique as a basic cooking element. What to do if your microwave works but does not heat? You feel a lack of warmth, and your food remains cold. Such a problem requires the intervention of an experienced specialist so as not to spoil the technique. Now you have a microwave repair service in San Diego, and you don’t have to wait long to fix this problem. Call us and leave a request; it is affordable and convenient because we work with different models and brands-manufacturers.

Causes Of Microwave Breakdown

Customers use our microwave oven repair service not only because of the lack of heating in their kitchen equipment. There are many other reasons why this technique does not fulfill its primary function. Such problems can be simple; that is, it is not related to internal failures. But you can also get more serious problems that need to be fixed by a professional. Many people want to find the cause and fix it independently, but this can lead to a complete malfunction of your microwave and purchasing a new one. Study the main reasons for the breakdown and order the service of an experienced specialist who will help you make repairs and save money on buying new equipment.

External Causes Of Malfunction:

  • Overload In The Electricity Network: This can happen because several household kitchen appliances work in one outlet, and they are more powerful than a microwave.
  • The Low Voltage Level In The Network: Any deviation from the norm affects the equipment’s operation. Even if it is 20-30 V, it is less than the usual 220 V. You can understand this problem if the plate of the food heats up around the edges, and the middle part remains cold.
  • The Inappropriate Mode Was Selected: This happens when you set a specific mode and then use the microwave to reheat food. There are different assignments for the functions of the technique here, so be careful. This problem is pervasive when people set the defrost mode and forget about it.
  • The Microwave Oven Door Is Broken: The doors of such equipment have latches that close it tightly. Over time, the latch can loosen or break because it is made of plastic most often.

Complex Breakdowns

  • Fuse Defective: Such breakage can be seen when you remove the cover. The filament may burn out, or the fuses may be blackened. Such a problem can be solved by replacing parts, and for this, you need to seek help from an experienced craftsman. Our expert will select the right detail according to your microwave oven model and brand so that the fuse fits perfectly.
  • Condenser Malfunction: The operation of this mechanism can also affect the functionality of the technique. You can hear a strange sound or unusual buzzing. To check the operation of this part, you should use an ohmmeter. Our microwave oven repair service will do it very professionally; he will determine the possibility of replacing this mechanism. It is important to discharge this completely before checking.
  • High Voltage Diode Problem: Verification of this detail is done rarely. Most often, the master will advise you to buy new equipment than to fix such a breakdown. But our specialist will check it in detail. For this, our team uses a high voltage capacitor. If it heats up, then there is a problem; if not, then the cause of the breakdown is another. A symptom of this malfunction is severe buzzing and blown a fuse.
  • Defective Magnetron: If all the details and circuits of the microwave have been checked and everything is in order, but your equipment still does not heat the food, then the problem may be in the magnetron’s operation. Its main function is to generate a high-frequency electric field, which heats the food inside. If your microwave hums a lot but does not heat up, you need to look at the detail visually – there may be carbon deposits or cracks. Call our master, and he will conduct a thorough examination. He will replace the burned-out magnetron with a new one, and it will be a detail with the same dimensions and specifications for your equipment model.

Reasons For Various Malfunctions

You can prevent your microwave oven from breaking down quickly if you use this technique correctly. Most often, malfunctions are the result of your misuse. We often forget or don’t want to read the instructions, so we make simple mistakes, and our technique breaks down. But if you will remember about simple rules, your microwave will work for a long time. The model and company are also important because the Chinese assembly is one of the most unreliable equipment types.

Several Reasons Lead To The Microwave Stopping Heating Food:

  • Turn on the equipment without products inside;
  • over time, details break;
  • heating liquid products in closed containers, which can explode when heated;

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