Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Pros And Cons

The kitchen is the heart of every home; it’s the place where we share meals and make memories. The way it’s designed and decorated adds to the feeling of homeliness. There are numerous ways to enhance a kitchen and style it according to your tastes.

If you’re leaning towards solid wooden cabinets, there are a few things that you should consider before buying.


Durable And Versatile

Wooden cabinets are easier to repair than ones made from other materials. If the tops get scratched, you can use some wood filler wax sticks to patch them up.

You can also choose from many styles, colors, and finishes for your kitchen. Each item can be personalized and customized to your exact specifications. Timber, for example, is very forgiving and can be mixed and matched with other pieces made of different materials.

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Resurfacing Is Cheaper

When a wood panel or cabinet needs to be spruced up often, it’s as simple as giving the unit a sanding and a coat of varnish. You don’t need to replace entire kitchen sections, unlike when you use solid fiberboard.

For example, if your fiberboard swells and starts chipping, there’s no way to make it look good again. You have to replace the whole piece. There are ways to repair and resurface an area made with wood without getting rid of the entire fascia.


Beautiful And Luxurious

If you want to boost the sophistication level in your kitchen, you should consider the dark rich tones of wood. The experts on solid wood kitchen cabinets at the Best Online Cabinets will tell you that there’s nothing like the feel and appearance of the grain.

No doubt, stepping into a kitchen with wood cabinets gives you a warm and welcome feeling. You feel you’re enveloped by quality. Oak is one such material that offers a timeless, natural, and classic look to a kitchen. It’s simply beautiful.

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Wood Is Expensive

The premium quality, durability, and versatility of solid wood do come at a price. You’ll need to consider a much higher budget than for cabinets made out of more conventional materials. Take into consideration that if well maintained, the wood cabinets will last longer than others.

Consider options such as pine, which is less costly than oak or maple. Another alternative is to use combinations of solid timber and other materials. It will decrease the overall cost but still give you the beauty of the wood pieces.

Prone To Humidity

It’s no surprise that wood is sensitive to moisture. When the moisture content in the planks changes due to local climate change, it will expand and contract. It results in the warping of the cabinets over time. It can be avoided by using good quality veneers from all sides when the cabinets are built.

However, this won’t be a 100% guarantee that some bowing and cracking of solid wood won’t happen over the years. As the seasons’ change, so does the amount of moisture in the air. Furthermore, since we tend to boil a lot of water in the kitchen, it’s impossible to prevent some direct steam contact with the cabinets.



If you want your wood cabinets to last a long time, you need to care for them properly. The cupboards and counters require special cleaning chemicals to keep them sealed and clean. These can be expensive. It would help if you also cleaned your cabinets often, and this can be time-consuming.

You must be careful with certain appliances when you have wooden cabinets. For example, you can’t use a kettle close to the cupboards because the constant steam coming out will discolor and warp the wood over time.

Final Thoughts

Wood is beautiful and offers a stunning warm organic feel. It makes any kitchen instantly look luxurious and opulent. The solid cabinets are durable and versatile, and you’ll find that it’s possible to repair them quickly. Available in almost any tone and style, your ideal design can be created for you without any problem.

On the other hand, wood is expensive and prone to humidity. Moisture in the air may cause it to warp over time. To prevent any damages, it requires a lot of maintenance and the correct cleaning chemicals. If you do decide to choose wooden cabinets, you’ll be sure to boost the value of your kitchen and bring warmth into the heart of the home.