A Detailed Guide To Aspect Wall Art Decals For Bedroom

Aspect Wall Art Decals

Having a Wall Art Decals for your bedroom can be a bit intimidating at the start and especially if you haven’t seen applying it on the walls before. Various effortless and elementary Wall Arts have been emanated from, which you can choose for your wall bedroom. Are you confused about them but have to do with it?

These Wall decals are removable, so if they don’t satisfy you, you can take them with you and never leave behind a muggy leftover.

It won’t provide any destruction to the walls in case you remove it. Let’s clear your confusion as we are here with a detailed guide on how to Apply Wall Art Decals for Bedroom so that you can apply it at home without any struggle.

How To Aspect Wall Art Decals?

Aspect Wall Art Decals are the stickers that people use for their room walls and is also used on Bathroom walls. Once you are done with wall stickers, you are only left with Vinyl wall stickers. Decals are made of PVC-vinyl because you have to put them on a spot where you require elasticity that the plasticizers provide. Whenever you go through vinyl Decal, it means that it is made of Soft PVC-vinyl. Let’s get along and discuss how to apply them on the walls step by step.

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  • Apply It On Dry Wall

Ensure that the wall you have chosen for applying it should be free from any grease or dirt. As the wall Art is done on drywalls, so in case you have just painted the wall, wait for a couple of weeks to get it dried. Later, when you are sure it is entirely dry to be applied, you can go for it. Sugar Soap or any product similar to it is sometimes used to check either the wall is dry or not; however, it is optional.

  • Put In Vinyl Stickers

It requires natural steps to bear it on the wall to make them look as pretty as a picture and stimulating. You only need to have Scissor, Tape measure, Level, and Masking tape to complete the work. Let’s discuss the process of applying the stickers in detail:

  1. Spot the location where you want to use it and later thoroughly dry that spot from every tensity. Vinyl Stickers do not stick on the dirt or dust.
  2. Once you are sure that the wall is dirt free, locate the sticker on that wall using masking tape. Masking tape is usually used to make ‘Hinge’ in the wall decal center.
  3. Later you have to remove the backing because the sticker will not stick to the wall if you do not remove it. Fold the one side of the sticker and remove it, you may also go for a tape for sticking. To remove the backing, you have to reach the ‘Hinge’ part.
  4. The next step requires the removal of transfer tape. Start removing it from the corners and place the sticker on the wall. If you have a hard surface wall, don’t pressure the stickers too much because it can destroy it.
  5. Remove the transparent paper from the sticker surface.
  6. Once you are done with all the process, smooth the sticker with a dry towel, and it is how you are done with applying the sticker on the wall with ease and comfort.

How To Apply Sticker On Perfect Level

After removing the backing paper, hold the sticker’s corners and attach it to the required surface. Keep it still until you are not satisfied with the positioning. Use FREE spreader that helps you to stick the sticker on the walls by applying equal pressure on every side.

Start attaching the sticker from the top middle, later move to the left side, and then switch to the right side. Similarly, start from the bottom center and repeat the same process. If your stickers are too long to hold, use another person’s hands so that they can keep it carefully.

Continuously lay the decal face down before expelling the backing paper and strip it away from the transparent application tape instead of the next route round. This will guarantee that the vinyl will hold to the application tape and is significantly less liable to remain adhered to the backing paper.

Surfaces Required For Wall Decals

Before you make a decision to apply Wall decals in your bedroom, remember that you can’t apply them anywhere you want. It requires a particular and appropriate position where you can get your hands on. The wall that you choose for the stickers should be water-resistant and should not have any spot on it because these stickers can’t be applied on such walls.

The walls that consist of dense textures or walls containing concentrate block, suede paints, stucco, sand paints, and bricks should be avoided from any decals. If your walls have wood paneling, don’t apply there too. As far as wallpapers are concerned, then yes, these stickers can be used to a few types of wallpapers, but not every.

You can use them on windows and tiles, but don’t go for rough walls because it will not resist for a long time. When you remove the decals from the wall, though it will not provide any damage to it yet on the safe side, use a blow dryer in the end. The best way to remove wall art is to apply heat. It won’t remove the paint, and it will not provide any damage to it.

Final Thoughts

Here is a detailed article on Decal walls that are being acknowledged almost everywhere because it enhances your room’s beauty if placed nicely. From simple designs to heavy designs, you have various options from which you can choose according to your will and requirement. I have likewise mentioned the places or points where it is not appropriate to apply these stickers. You can easily remove these stickers later. I hope you will find this article helpful and informative. Do apply in your rooms and create a bit of change.