Vintage vs Modern Furniture: Which Is Best For Your Restaurant?

One of the first things you have to consider if you plan to open a restaurant is how you want your space to look like. Space must not only appeal to your customers, but it must also reflect your brand. From the walls to the furniture in the space, it must be consistent, and it must not clash from one another. Businesses often spend thousands to get their restaurants just right to fit their brand.

To achieve certain looks or themes, some restaurants look into vintage furniture to design their space. Others go for modern furniture to keep things sleek and futuristic. A few combine them for a unique touch.

But which is best for your restaurant? Here is a short comparison between vintage, modern, and mixed furniture to help you pick what is best for your restaurant.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture For Restaurant

When you talk about vintage furniture, you are talking about furniture that was made in a certain period and the quality of how it is made. Vintage furniture is then associated with certain eras and brings back nostalgia and that specific era to mind.{text-align:center}.tdi_67_f77 .td-element-style{z-index:-1}{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}@media (max-width:767px){{text-align:center}}

If you use vintage-style or vintage furniture for a restaurant, it gives out a rustic charm to the facility that will make people feel welcome. It also gives a familiar ambiance to people who come to the facility. It uses customized or vintage upholstery to achieve the right image and blend it with wall decor and art. These pieces worked well for family restaurants and themed restaurants that would like to present a homey feel to their customers. Country restaurants also showcase vintage furniture.

However, the problem with vintage style furniture is that you have to maintain it regularly to keep its image. Some vintage pieces tend to get dusty immediately and make it look older as its age implies. It is also very expensive to use vintage pieces, especially as they can get damaged easily. It will be hard to find replacement parts for these items, especially if they are very rare. Others will also think that you have no budget to design your space.

Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture For Restaurant

Meanwhile, modern furniture follows innovation and flexibility, which reflects the future. They use new materials to create furniture and use bright colors to accentuate spaces. Some even come with various functions you never expect in these pieces. Modern furniture also supports minimalism because they are slimmer and space-saving than vintage furniture, which takes a lot of space. They are also made from various materials such as wood, leather, and metal to create the image in mind.

When you look at modern furniture, they have clean designs and no-frills as compared to vintage furniture. This ensures that everything fits the image and promotes a sense of lightness in an area. You can mostly use modern furniture in modern restaurants, especially in malls and public establishments.

The problem with modern furniture is that they can look pretty bland to look at, especially if people see the pieces are also used for other areas. Some may also think that your establishment is pretty basic, especially if you do not look into other pieces that can lighten up space. Furthermore, some modern furniture can be made from cheap materials, which can be easy to damage. You will also need to be particular with the pieces you will use for the space to get everything in order.

How About Blending Vintage And Modern Furniture Together?

Mixed Furniture For Restaurant

Some restaurants follow a blend of vintage and modern furniture together to create a more complex style for their space. Each piece is carefully selected to make sure that one piece does not overpower the other. Fusion restaurants or themed restaurants use this style to create a story for their visitors to enjoy as they eat. Hotels also use this style to showcase different themes for their guests.

The problem with blending vintage and modern furniture is that you need to have a clear image in mind of what you want the restaurant to look like. Some designs may require more vintage furniture, and others may require more modern furniture. You also need to know where to get custom pieces, in case you are after specific pieces like chairs, tables, etc. You will also need to look into the cost of the project because combining both furniture styles can cost a lot of money to pay for. It is recommended that you get help from shopfitters to get your restaurant designed perfectly if you will combine both modern and vintage furniture.


Designing a business space is a fun process because you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the furniture you can select. However, if you are gunning for a certain look and can’t seem to decide whether to go vintage or modern or both, it is best if you check with shop fitters in Melbourne. They can help you pick the right furniture pieces for your space that will reflect your brand and your intended impact, as well as give you recommendations on what is ideal for your space.

There is no wrong or right style if you want to give your customers a great experience. However, you must make sure that your furniture doesn’t clash with one another. Do your research and seek help if you can use so that you can save money in getting great furniture and get the right impact you want once your customers see your restaurant. Good luck!