Dazzling Interiors: Find Seven Awesome Wall Decorations For Your Home This Year

Living Room Interior

Life can get boring in no time. Our nature tends to inspire us with its creations; thus, we love to travel and explore. But home is our ultimate residence, and we need to keep it comfortable and attractive, so we spend the best time at home.

If you’re anything like me, then seeing another ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ is more than you can take at this point. Having the same old boring wall art will make a room dull and empty of personality. It’s time to spice up your décor with the trendiest ideas! The newest trend for wall decorations is personalized wall art. I’ll share seven unique ways you can decorate your walls and not run the risk of being called ‘so basic.’

  1. Boho Baskets

Mounting baskets on a wall will instantly elevate your home décor. To add a bit of traditional touch to your home, get some handmade baskets in different sizes and patterns, and hand them on a blank wall. They work in all settings and make you look well-traveled as well! For an extra pop of color, paint plain basket in different colors with craft paint.

  1. Mapping It All Out

If you want to add a bit of your personal story into your wall décor, then the best way to do that would be to immortalize a place important to you with a work of art. No wonder soon you also get obsessed with a custom map idea because they have an urban look and are just super easy to make. Just select the Map location, pick a map color, and then select your size and framing options. As a bonus, you can even add a marker to commemorate why the location is essential to you. Instant art in just a few steps!

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  1. Fascinating Floral Prints

I know, I know floral prints look tacky but hear me out first. If you’re not a fan of floral wallpaper, don’t go overboard with it. Instead, select a print (you can use a monochrome wallpaper as well) and wallpaper just one accent wall. Leave the rest of the room blank and tie the look with a statement art piece on your accent wall. Or you can go crazy with it and just wallpaper the entire room and keep the furniture monochrome.

  1. Transform It With A Tapestry

It is a great way to incorporate fabric in your wall décor. Use tapestries to add some texture to your wall décor. You can use old rugs, woven wall hangings, or even old quilts. Beads can also add an interesting texture to your wall décor. If you’re experimenting and aren’t sure about a bright or intricate wall hanging, get a neutral-toned tapestry that works with just about anything. For a bit of a modern touch, frame your fabric to showcase it proudly on your wall.

  1. Mirror Mirror, On The Wall

One of the oldest pages in the book of wall décor is adding mirrors. They make rooms brighter and instantly make them roomier. The best thing about them is that you can play in many different styles. Pieces with metallic and heavy wooden frames are more durable and look classier. For a modern touch, you can get a geometric mirror. You don’t even need to hang them, lean them against a wall, and call it art. If you’re feeling extra creative, try making a mirror gallery.

  1. Farmhouse Charm With Shiplap

Shiplap is quite an in vogue right now. The best thing about this wall décor is that there are endless possibilities. Want to give height to a room? Install it vertically. Want a contemporary look? Make it glossy. Want an eye-catching headboard? Use unpainted, horizontal shiplap. It can get used in your bathroom, nursery, bedroom, hallway, and even your kitchen.

  1. Sculptural Sconces

Wall sconces can help you kill three birds with one stone. A right wall sconce provides adequate lighting, takes less space than lamps, and can get used as standalone art. You can pair a sconce with a small painting to decorate a small wall. If you like a bit of drama in your décor, you can hang multiple sconce lights equidistant from each other. You can also pair your traditional furniture with modern-looking sconces for an interesting juxtaposition. For eye-catching standalone sconce art, install wall lights in place of paintings in different shapes to give your guests a light show.


You can decorate walls in many ways, but it is vital to have a clear idea of the look you’re going for every time. The best thing to do is to begin from the middle and work your way out. Select on the placement that you’re going for and then consider your furniture as well. For a beautifully decorated room, all the separate pieces should work well together. The most elusive thing for home decors is making a room look organic. You do not just want to throw different things on the wall and call it art. So, think about the overall theme of your room, and then get to decorating!